The main structure of the Asia Museum of Modern Art of Asia University is constructed with bare concrete and curtain walls. The interior is 1,244 ping and the surrounding area measures 6,000 ping.

Design by Architect Tadao Ando, the equilateral triangle is adopted as the basic element. Innumerous numbers of equilateral triangles are stacked up irregularly to form the three stories of the building. The atrium space created with the crisscrossing arrangement and outdoor terraces function as the sculpture display and outdoor café areas.

To cope with the conditions of being in a seismically active area, no vertical pillars are used. Behind the glass curtain wall are the V-shaped columns that are used for compression in most places, and for tension where the top floor of the museum is extended and cantilevered to form a shelter for the entrance plaza below.

The exterior of this avant-garde and challenging architectural design is low-key peaceful and pure, while the interior is precise and calm. It is the intention of Tadao Ando to allow people, art and nature to meet and have dialog here.